You are already an education advocate and leader, but are you an education diplomat?


Learn diplomatic skills to solve education challenges and stand out as a leader.

Education Diplomacy is the key to tackling complex issues affecting education and helps groups with different priorities to work together. Solving challenges related to inclusion, gender equality, and financing will need Education Diplomacy to move agendas forward through cooperation, coordination, and collaboration across sectors, stakeholders, and borders to overcome the challenges together.



School Leadership and Education Diplomacy

Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda is a holistic undertaking that requires collaboration and partnership across all stakeholders and sectors. School leaders need to consider their role and capacity to contribute to these broader development goals. This paper, which served as the foundation for a workshop presented by at the UNESCO-APEID international conference on 8 November 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, argues that school leaders require a new set of diplomacy skills that allows them to better meet the challenges they face and ensure inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning for all. These education challenges require collaborative and cooperative efforts that can best be achieved by acquiring the foundational skills of Education Diplomacy.

Transform Your Education Leadership

Are you working to achieve global or national education goals or solve education challenges?
Do you engage in education dialogue to build and share knowledge?
Are you building a coalition, developing a new partnership, shaping a new program, negotiating an agreement, or working to change an education policy?

Transform your education leadership by learning the Education Diplomacy skills and tools to creatively solve problems and work cooperatively with multiple stakeholders at local, national, and international levels.


The 5L Education Diplomacy Leadership Online Course

Through the 5L Education Diplomacy Leadership online course, you will learn how diplomacy skills contribute to positioning education as central to sustainable development in communities and nations and fostering collective action for managing and solving education challenges.

5L Education Diplomacy Leadership will teach skills that will help you:

•  Create mutual understanding through building relationships
•  Shape consensus around shared goals
•  Negotiate agreement
•  Cultivate collaboration between stakeholders 
•  Develop beneficial and innovative solutions for lasting change.

These skills can be understood through our innovative "5L" Education Diplomacy Framework.


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5L Education Diplomacy Leadership
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