Population Growth

Rapid population growth is one of the defining characteristics of the 21st century.  Education diplomacy is crucial to ensuring sustainable growth that guarantees a positive human future for all.

What will this mean for the world's children?

On October 31st, 2011, the United Nations estimates that world population reached 7 billion. This event offers an opportunity to consider the interrelated global social and economic trends that affect the world in which our children live. How do we shape the quality of our children's future? How do we meet the education needs of our growing global community?

A child's development and well-being is affected by many influences, including access to health care, education, food, and water. In our increasingly complex world, a multitude of shifting dynamics, such as poverty, sanitation, environmental changes, migration, and urbanization, have an impact on children's lives. As we surpass this 7 billion milestone, it is essential to consider the challenges as well as the opportunities, and the solutions that will help us to support the positive development of our children, and our world.

Resources below offer information on the world at 7 billion.

RESOURCES - A World of 7 Billion:

Announcement of Oct. 31 as Projected Day to Hit 7 Billion Milestone | UN DESA Population Division
This article provides the background upon which the day of the 7 billion milestone was projected. It also describes the 7 Billion Actions campaign launched by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Article: "7 Billionth World Citizen to Be Born Soon"

7 Billion Actions | Global Initiative for a Better World | United Nations Populations Fund
The 7 Billion Actions Campaign is an effort that focuses upon the potential opportunities for change in light of this population milestone.

7 Billion Actions Website
7 Billion Actions Fact Sheet (PDF)

World of 7 Billion Campaign | Population Connection | Student & Teacher Resources

World of 7 Billion Website
A Quick Trip to 7 Billion Wall-Chart

Global Population Growth | Hans Rosling | Ted Talks Video
Hans Rosling creatively and dynamically examines the data behind population growth with a focus on the need to fight poverty and improve child survival.

Video: Hans Rosling on Global Population Growth

7 Billion Series | National Geographic (Video)
This is an infographic style video that visually contextualizes the 7 billion milestone and considers our world in the balance. The video helps promote the National Geographic Year-long Special 7 Billion Series.

Video: 7 Billion, National Geographic

7 Billion Series | Washington Post
The Washington Post examines the implications and opportunities for world population and consumption growth.

• Website: Interactive Maps and Related Articles
• Featured Article:  India's Population Growth and Education, 16 October 2011

The World at 7 Billion: Sustaining Our Future | Panel Discussion | Columbia University (Video Archive)
A panel of Columbia University experts on population discusses key issues related to population growth and considers possible solutions.

Video Archive: The World at 7 Billion - Sustaining Our Future

Other Related Resources:

"As global population nears 7 billion, UN capitalizes on new opportunities" | UN News Centre | 14 September 2011

"Revisiting Population Growth: The Impact of Ecological Limits" | Yale University Environment 360 | 14 October 2011

"Half the World: Perspectives on Women as World Population Reaches 7 billion" | The Pulitzer Center, Washington | 15 September 2011

"Challenges Loom as World Population Hits 7 Billion" | chron.com | 19 October 2011