Institute for Global Education Diplomacy

The next Institute will be held 5-8 March 2015 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., USA (Crystal City, Arlington, VA).

Visit the event page for more information on registration, travel information, and sharing your work at the Education Diplomacy Showcase session of the Institute.



Finding solutions to complex societal problems within the context of new global realities requires a different set of skills than those traditionally applied by career diplomats or professional consultants. The distinguishing competencies of education diplomacy, as practiced by education diplomats, consist of the quality and level of technical expertise and understanding of education policy and human rights, and, when practiced on the international level, the ability to build relationships and further education agendas within the global education arena. The importance of education as a bridge for promoting peace, global security, and sustainable solutions to complex human problems is a core concept of education diplomacy.

Go to Education Diplomacy: Why Now? for more information on the relevance of developing competencies in education diplomacy and understanding how it may apply to one’s work and professional growth.

About the Institute

The 2015 Institute for Global Education Diplomacy will highlight education initiatives, programs and projects which serve as models for education diplomacy to illustrate what education diplomacy looks like in action and bring forward best practices. Knowledge areas of education policy, development, international affairs, human rights and the skills of diplomacy will provide critical threads throughout the event.

Objectives of the Institute for Global Education Diplomacy

Participants who attend the Institute will

1.       Contribute to shaping the Education Diplomacy concept through dialogue, knowledge sharing, and practical and theoretical connections;

2.       Explore Education Diplomacy models and examine best practices;

3.       Consider how Education Diplomacy applies to their current work and how it may be used to leverage their education agenda;

4.       Engage with a network of dynamic professionals from the education sector and related fields who are willing to explore innovative approaches for addressing global issues with local impact.

Who Should Attend the Institute for Global Education Diplomacy?


The Institute for Global Education Diplomacy will benefit professionals working within any level of the education sector or in educational environments. Institute participants include teachers, school administrators, university faculty, community-based service providers, child advocates, and representatives from non-government and government organizations as well as the private sector – who represent dynamic international, regional, national, or local perspectives. Participants should have an interest in or may already be working globally and across nations, either directly in the education field or in a complementary sector where knowledge of education systems is integral to advancing their work. Professionals who work in related fields such as health, economics, human development, and social work are also encouraged to attend.

Engage as an Education Diplomat

Education diplomacy as a new tool for advancing education may take time to define and shape. With your participation at the Institute for Global Education Diplomacy, you will help move this process forward. However, there is no doubt that applying the skills of diplomacy toward improving education practice, policies, and opportunity will have a positive impact on ensuring that education remains a priority in the overall well-being and development of nations. In the end, all education diplomats have the same goal—to positively enhance and shape education for all people that aligns with their culture and meets the needs of individuals and the society at large.