Education Diplomats: Voices for Girls’ Education


“Girls’ education diplomats are needed now more than ever.” – Christina Kwauk, Brookings CUE

In its first online publication, The Center for Education Diplomacy and Leadership features the work of Education Diplomats to ensure all girls have access to quality education and the conditions in which they can thrive and meet their full potential. Through a collection of articles and videos, leaders in girls’ education and gender equality convey the urgent, multi-dimensional challenges that keep over 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 out of school, including poverty, conflict, lack of safety and protection, and culturally based gender norms and expectations. Education Diplomats use a combination of skills and approaches to find sustainable solutions to overcome these education challenges. At the heart of Education Diplomats’ work is building community-based relationships by engaging local knowledge, influence, and strengths and amplifying the voices of girls. Now more than ever, Education Diplomacy is needed to position girls’ education as vital to social and economic stability of communities and overall societal health and facilitate effective and efficient collaboration among diverse education actors across sectors to achieve shared goals.


We welcome your stories and insight on Education Diplomacy and girls’ education below.