You should take this course if you are working to advance education

  • Through partnerships, collaborations, and coalitions
  • By building bridges between sectors, among diverse actors, and across borders
  • As an Education Leadership professional
  • Toward achieving the UN 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals

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Negotiation Skills
a relevant course for Education Diplomacy

in partnership with DiploFoundation

7-week course, beginning 18 September 2017
The application deadline has passed. Please contact for more information.


€700 per participant, due upon acceptance into the course
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Fields of non-traditional diplomacy, such as Education Diplomacy, require the use of diplomatic skills to build bridges across sectors, diverse actors, and borders.

Negotiation Skills is a practical, interactive online course that equips participants with the skills to successfully prepare, undertake, and conclude negotiations in formal and informal settings with government and non-government actors. The course will introduce the role of negotiation in non-traditional diplomacy interactions that take place to advance education, health, internet governance, humanitarian efforts, and development. 

Advancing education requires building bridges across multiple disciplines. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn and collaborate with colleagues working to advance their work through forms of non-traditional diplomacy in other sectors.

Foundations in Education Diplomacy Course

Return here for more information about a Foundations in Education Diplomacy courses tentatively schedule for Autumn 2017. This course address:

  • Education Diplomacy as new diplomacy
  • Foundations for Education Diplomacy
  • State and non-state actors in Education Diplomacy
  • International legal and policy instruments
  • Elements of transformation in Education Diplomacy
  • Requisites for diplomatic interactions
  • The future of Education Diplomacy

Participants who successfully complete the course will earn a post-graduate level certificate issued by ACEI and DiploFoundation.


Apply your Education Diplomacy certificate toward a Diploma in Social Innovation

The Center for Education Diplomacy and UPEACE Centre for Executive Education have partnered to provide innovative pathways to individuals for greater social impact. Participants who successfully complete approved courses in Education Diplomacy may be able to apply their certificate toward a Diploma in Social Innovation through the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education.
Benefits of this partnership include:

  • Relevant Education Diplomacy courses will be accepted as 1 of 5 online elective courses necessary to complete the UPEACE diploma.
  • Education Diplomacy certificate students of relevant courses receive a reduced fee for Diploma in Social Innovation coursework.
  • Students may enroll in Diploma in Social Innovation courses at the same time they undertake a relevant Education Diplomacy course.
  • Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Social Innovation receive a diploma in conjunction with a relevant Education Diplomacy course, which shall bear the logo of the UPEACE Centre for Executive Education and the United Nations University for Peace, as well as the logo of ACEI’s Center for Education Diplomacy.

For more information about this opportunity through UPEACE Centre for Executive Education and the Center for Education Diplomacy, please contact